Obligations and rights

(Ministry’s obligations to clients

(i) To mobilise adequate resources for disaster risk management.
(ii) To be impartial and consistent in humanitarian interventions.
(iii) To provide adequate protection and security to all citizens.
(iv) To facilitate a timely declaration of state of disaster.

Clients rights
(i) A right to life with dignity.
(ii) A right to information.
(iii) A right to humanitarian assistance and protection.
(iv) A right to be listened to.

Clients obligations
(i) To take an active role in preventing or mitigating emergencies/disasters.
(ii) To report disaster risks to relevant authorities for timely response.
(iii) To cooperate with authorities providing assistance and gathering relevant data.
(iv) To desist from gathering at scenes of accidents for the purpose of looting and curiosity.
ii) To conduct multilateral consultation on prevailing disaster risks.
(iii) To develop requisite protocols and strengthen those that exist as and when necessary.

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