• Drowning Prevention

    Drowning Prevention

    A Zimbabwe Republic Police Officer (Sub Aqua Unit) demonstrating one of the rescue methods for drowning victims.

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  • Tokwe – Mukosi Dam Wall

    Tokwe – Mukosi Dam Wall

    This is Tokwe Mukosi Dam wall. The Dam engineer is leading a leading member of the National Civil Protection Committee,…

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  • Road Accidents

    Road Accidents

    This is a haulage truck that veered off the road along the Masvingo – Beitbridge highway.

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  • Chingwizi Holding Camp

    Chingwizi Holding Camp

    This is Chingwizi Holding Camp for the communities that were displaced during Tokwe Mukosi Dam Flood disaster in 2014.

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  • DRM Training in Matobo

    DRM Training in Matobo

    Disaster Risk Management Training for Matobo District Civil Protection Committee.

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  • Fire Outbreak – Pomona

    Fire Outbreak – Pomona

    These are the effects of a fire outbreak at Pomona Dump Site.

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  • Damaged Village Infrastructure

    Damaged Village Infrastructure

    Damaged rural school due to heavy rains.

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  • Flood Damage Assessments

    Flood Damage Assessments

    Assessing flood damage to the environment.

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