• Cyclone Idai – Photos

    Cyclone Idai – Photos

    A range of pics on Cyclone Idai's effects in Zimbabwe

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  • Cyclone Idai Maps

    Cyclone Idai Maps

    Maps on Cyclone Idai's reach in Zimbabwe

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  • Recent Flooding & Response

    Recent Flooding & Response

    Images of recent flooding in Zimbabwe.

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  • Damage Caused By Floods

    Damage Caused By Floods

    This is Nyamombe Bridge that was damaged by floods in Nyanga District, Zimbabwe.

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  • Fire Damage

    Fire Damage

    This bus caught fire and was completely destroyed along Chinhoyi - Chirundu Road.

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  • Damaged Road Infrastructure

    Damaged Road Infrastructure

    Damaged road infrastructure due to heavy rains in Makoni District of Zimbabwe.

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  • Storm Damage – Mash Central

    Storm Damage – Mash Central

    Storm damage in Mt Darwin Mashonaland Central. This is at Pachanza Primary School.

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  • Landslides


    This was a Landslide in Domboshava in which a homestead was buried under debris rock. 2004. This was due to…

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  • Effects Of Flooding

    Effects Of Flooding

    Various images showing effects of flooding in Mash East. The pictures also depict impassable roads in Muzarabani.

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